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                          Kaesar was pay high attention to introduce the new technology of electric forklift from Italy and invested a lot of money in design and development,and also joint with University to study the AGV, Heavy industrial equipment, Tow tractor to meet customers' requirement. and committed to design for customers high level automatic Logistics system. We have a very strong ability in produce and supply to demand your all different requirements in warehouse equipments.
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                          THE SW-B power stacker stand on drive

                          THE SW-B power stacker stand on drive

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                          Product Details

                          Specification of SW-B stackers

                          Model of pruduct SW12B SW15B SW20B
                          Rated capacity (kg) 1200 1500 2000
                          Lifting height (mm) 1.6M, 2.5M, 3.0M, 3.5M, 4.0M, 4.5M (level three), 5.0M (level three)
                          Length of truck (mm) 1940 1940 1980
                          Width of truck (mm) Two door frame 810/930 three level door frame
                          Tuming radius (mm) 1680 1680 1730
                          Aisle width (mm) 2200 2200 2280
                          Pump motor (KW) 24V/1.2KW 24V/1.5KW 24V/1.5KW
                          Drive motor (KW) 24V/2.0KW 24V/2.2KW 24V/3.0KW
                          Capacity of battery (AH) 24V/180AH 24V/210AH 24V/240AH
                          Drive speed (km/h( 4.5/5.0 4.5/5.0 5.0/5.5
                          Controller system The United States imported Curtis electric controller
                          Brake Electromagnetic brake

                          kaesar pallet stackers for efficient utilisation of warehouse space

                          The kaesar range of pallet stackers and lifters deliver energy efficiency, high performance, driver comfort, and low maintenance costs for the most demanding warehouse applications.

                          These warehouse stackers are ergonomically designed to maximise operator productivity when placing goods into low to mid-level racking.

                          The SW-B range of platform stackers combine manoeuvrability with low operating costs. Some models have a folding platform or straddle legs. These stackers are ideal for low-mid level racking and work well on ramps.

                          Rider electric pallet stackers are suitable for transporting goods over longer distances or for working in restricted spaces. Heavy duty motors provide stability and smooth traction.

                          SW-B series of high car after the national quality inspection center 400 hours to strengthen the experiment, and strict performance testing, quality and stability, excellent quality, and distributed to the quality of the form of the test certificate

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