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                          Kaesar was pay high attention to introduce the new technology of electric forklift from Italy and invested a lot of money in design and development,and also joint with University to study the AGV, Heavy industrial equipment, Tow tractor to meet customers' requirement. and committed to design for customers high level automatic Logistics system. We have a very strong ability in produce and supply to demand your all different requirements in warehouse equipments.
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                          CPCD Internal-Combustion Forklift

                          CPCD Internal-Combustion Forklift

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                          Product Details

                          1.5 tons --3 tons of diesel, gasoline and liquefied gas forklift truck

                          Kaesar CPCD series diesel forklift technical parameters

                          Model of pruduct CPCD15 CPCD20 CPCD25 CPCD30
                          Rated capacity (kg) 1500 2000 2500 3000
                          Lifting height (mm) 3.0M, 3.5M, 4.0M, 4.5M, 5.0M, 5.5M, 6.0M optional
                          Length of truck (mm) 2240 2510 2580 2750
                          Width of truck (mm) 1070 1150 1150 1220
                          Tuming radius (mm) 1930 2170 2200 2460
                          Min Aisle width (mm) 3180 3370 3370 3580
                          Type of front tire 6.50-10-10PR 700-12-12PR 28X9-15-14PR
                          Type of rear tire 500-8-8PR 600-9-10PR 6.50-10-10PR
                          Gradeability (%) 18% 20% 20% 18%
                          Driver Speed (km/h) 13.5/14.5 17/19.0 17/19.0 18/20
                          Engine 485BP/ISUZU 490BP/ISUZU 490BP/ISUZU
                          Brake system Manual / hydraulic

                          1. Kaesar CPCD series IC forklift have been designed to meet the requirement of customers capacity from 1500kg to 10000kg,with the low cost to reduce the customers the investments in material handling. With providing high quality products,service,as well as reliable parts supply.

                          2. Mature engine and transmission technology, make the machine powerful, stable and reliable.

                          3. Ergonomic design, full range vibration and noise reduction processing, making the operator more comfortable,the high performance of engine and hydraulic system reduce energy consumption,making machine more economic and environmental.

                          4. Electronically controlled powershift transmission delivers fast load handling and smooth direction changes.fast hydraulic and the optional integral sideshift allow loads to be optimally positioned quickly and the responsive electronically-controlled inching adjustments gives the operator better control of load positioning.

                          Kaesar diesel forklift exports increase continuously, more and more Kathy forklift exported to Europe and the Middle East, and the Russian market, won the praise of the international agency.


                          5 tons -10 tons of forklift.

                          CPCD50 series of technical parameters of large tonnage forklift

                          Model of pruduct CPCD50 CPCD60 CPCD70 CPCD100
                          Rated capacity (kg) 5000 6000 7000 10000
                          Lifting height (mm) 3000 3000 3000 3000
                          Length of truck (mm) 1220X150 1220X150 1220X150 1220X165
                          Width of truck (mm) 1995 1995 1995 2250
                          Type of front tire 8.24-15-14PR
                          Type of rear tire 8.25-15-14PR
                          Gradeability (%) 20% 20% 20% 20%
                          Driver Speed (km/h) 28 28 28 26
                          Engine The domestic 6102BP/ import Isuzu ISUZU6BG1
                          Brake system Manual / hydraulic

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