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                          The world's first forklift robot welding flexible manufacturing line
                          Published on: Sep 26, 2013   Hits: 1474   Author: Kaesar   Source:

                          On 11 September, (reporter Peng to) 9, the world's first forklift robot manufactured by Changsha Huaheng Welding Robot System Co. Ltd. flexible production line launched successfully.

                          The company saw the reporter into the assembly workshop, the workpiece is located right in front of the robot hand feeding platform arranged positioner on the robot, welding robot is located on the front left according to the set procedure of automatic welding, the workpiece after the robot immediately passed on to the next step, but at the same time, the robot gripper and to catch the workpiece. On such a day 24 hours of uninterrupted cycle, a production line operation requires only two employees, completely replace the manual welding. In addition, the welding robot can accurately identify various types of work pieces, and transfer it to the most accurate position for welding.

                          According to the company forklift welding robot production line project leader Zheng Junwei introduced the production line planning of single class production capacity of 5000 units / year, using 7 sets of welding robot, the robot gripper 2 sets, also only equipped with 20 workers, but not before the production line requires manual welding welding technology division 65, greatly reduced the cost of.

                          "The company has always attached great importance to R & D, especially in Liuyang, Hunan, after the manufacturing industry base to obtain a faster development." Changsha Huaheng robot system limited company chairman Yan Xiaojun said, because the senior welder shortage, coupled with high labor costs and recruitment difficulties and other reasons, many manufacturing enterprises are beginning to use robots to replace the artificial intelligent flexible manufacturing automation. It is reported that, in addition to welding, the welding robot has been applied to the assembly, handling glue etc..


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