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                          Kaesar was pay high attention to introduce the new technology of electric forklift from Italy and invested a lot of money in design and development,and also joint with University to study the AGV, Heavy industrial equipment, Tow tractor to meet customers' requirement. and committed to design for customers high level automatic Logistics system. We have a very strong ability in produce and supply to demand your all different requirements in warehouse equipments.
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                          Kaesar AGV automatic logistic truck

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                          Product details

                          There are two modes in guidance mode of AGV, that is Laser, or Magnetic stripe, the performance is different as follow:

                          1, KAESAR TCC AGV laser guider:

                          Laser guider AGV have low height and large loading capacity, which are suitable for mass material feeding production system and flexible production lines. it carries and loads goods through dive feed wagon or other wheeled vehicles, it can choose the nearest path to drive from the gap of other equipments at no loads, which greatly reduces the travel distance and increase turn over efficiency.

                          2、Kaesar TEE laser navigation AGV stacker


                          Size of the AGV truck (mm) L1260*W750*H1280
                          Service weight 680kg
                          Navigation Laser, or Magnetic stripe
                          Running direction Forward,backward,steering
                          Communication mode WLAN
                          Drive mode Drive traction
                          Battery DC24V
                          Carrying capacity 1500kg to 2000kg
                          Working mode Tow Tractor
                          Drive speed (m/min) 5/35
                          Turning radius 800mm
                          Guide accuracy ±10mm
                          Working time 24 hours
                          Climbing ability 3-5°
                          Stop accuracy ±20mm
                          Charging mode Manual charging
                          Safety induction range ≤3M, adjustable, emergency braking distance is less than 20mm
                          Alarm form audible and visual alarm
                          Battery Lead acid battery
                          safety protection Front obstacle detection sensor + mechanical collision avoidance mechanism double protection
                          Design life >10 years

                          Control principle of laser navigation system

                          3、Kaesar TDD type magnetic navigation AGV truck

                          Guiding principle: magnetic stripe laying magnetic stripe on the ground, as the AGV route and track, AGV is installed at the bottom of the magnetic navigation sensor, magnetic signal real-time detection of the current position, the AGV body remains in the magnetic field is the center of walking.
                          Requirements: flexible magnetic stripe transformation, the strip is AGV running route and track guidance system using AGV tape navigation method route based on the magnetic stripe is convenient for installation and replacement, reformation of investment cost is small, so that the whole logistics system has good reconstruction and expansion ability.
                          Navigation sensor: the 16 bit digital signal output of our self-developed magnetic navigation sensor with 50MM or 6MM wide strip combination, reliable guidance and guidance deviation instantaneous reaction of high sensitivity, as a result of abnormalities from orbit will automatically alarm, anti vibration, anti interference, durable, reliable quality, convenient installation and maintenance.

                          This mode AGV always be used in supermarket and

                          assembly line for transportation.

                          Unidirectional lurking AGV series are using in factory and

                          warehouse always

                          Follow is the working principle of  Magnetic stripe guider

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